Health and Safety

The London Office Cleaning Company is fully committed to the provision of the highest level of Health & Safety to its entire staff. This attitude is reflected in the procedures established and the manner in which we operate.

Our company aims to:

  • Provide and maintain safe cleaning equipment
  • Implement safe systems of work within the work place
  • Arrange and monitor the safe use, storage and transportation of all materials
  • Ensure that "Health & Safety Principles" at all premises
  • Provide employees and contractors with regular information, training and supervision to ensure their safety
  • Maintain information and all records relating to employees health and safety

The Provision and Maintenance of Health and Safety is the responsibility of all employees and management. The London Office Cleaning Company have kept a firm stance on the importance behind the fact that it is up to every individual to accept responsibility for the health and wellbeing of everyone in the Workplace.

Before the commencement of a contract, we ensure that risk assessments are made for each site. A folder containing the details of safety procedures and the use of all equipment and chemicals is placed at each site. Charts displaying correct chemical usage, lifting techniques and general safety requirements can be found in 'The Cleaner's Book'

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